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What is Scripting?

You might have heard of this manifestation technique and are wondering if it could be beneficial to you and your manifestations. In this blog post, we’ll cover the scripting method, how to use it, and practical examples so that you can decide if this technique is something you would enjoy including in your routine. 

Scripting is a manifestation technique in which you write down your goals and desires as if they have already happened or are happening right now (in the past/present tense). Scripting can be done in many different ways – and we will provide examples on how to get started below.

How Can Scripting Help You Manifest?

This technique is based on the idea that your brain cannot distinguish between the past, present, or future – therefore, utilizing this technique- you can shift into a state and reality where your manifestations are happening in the present or have already happened.

This allows you to connect to the feelings of having your manifestation and can be a positive way to stay focused on your desired end – making them more concrete and tangible in your mind. Additionally, scripting can also help you identify any limiting beliefs or roadblocks that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.

As you are writing, you will easily be able to hear the thoughts coming up in your mind that are indicative of limiting beliefs such as, “how will that happen?,” “what do I need to do to make this happen?” and more. When these thoughts arise you can simply redirect yourself back to focusing on your desired end – allowing them to pass like a floating cloud.

How Do You Script?

Scripting can be done in many ways – and it’s important to find the routine that feels best to you. You can either script by using a paper journal and pencil or a digital journal on your tablet/iPad. Both methods will still achieve the same purpose. It’s recommended to script after you wake up or before you go to sleep as your mind is the most impressionable at these times.

This does not need to take much time and can easily be done in 5 minutes or less. Choose an amount of time that feels good to you and make a routine out of it so that it’s an enjoyable process. You can put on peaceful music, sip tea, or do any other activities that make you feel relaxed as you are writing.

How Often Should You Script?

The frequency of scripting depends on the individual and what feels best. Some people prefer to script daily, while others may only do it once a week or even less frequently. The important thing is to remember that just like any other manifesting technique – it should not be relied on as the source of your manifestation. I

f you’re approaching scripting as if it’s homework you need to complete in order to receive your manifestation, it may actually cause more harm than good. You should approach scripting in a light-hearted manner to assist you in tapping into the feelings and belief of having your manifestation already. So choose a frequency that feels inspiring and enjoyable to you!

What are Some Scripting Examples?

Scripting examples can include;

  1. Writing down a goal as if it has already happened, such as “I am a successful CEO of XYZ company.” You could script about your loved ones congratulating you, what your new office looks like, what you wore to your new role – and so on.
  2. Writing what a day looks like for you in your new reality. This could look like “I am happily married to my soulmate and we have two children.” You would then go on to describe in detail what a day with your family looks like, what you do together, how you feel, how grateful you are, etc.
  3. Writing out an ideal month before it happens. Describe in detail what your ideal, perfect month looks like. You can write what you accomplished in the month, how you felt, what prominent events happened, etc. You can use this same concept in the morning to write about your day went before it even happened. 

These are just a few examples to get you started. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want with scripting! Remember to have fun and approach it in a lighthearted manner. The most important aspect is that you write as if it’s happening now or has already happened already and engage your imagination through descriptive details. Bonus points if you engage all of your senses in your imaginal scene! Happy writing!

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