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If you are familiar with us here at nth° collective, then you know that we talk about all things deliberate manifestation. We discuss this innate ability to direct your reality from both the individual perspective, as well as from the conscious relationship perspective. Becoming intentional about your manifestations is incredibly fun solo, and it can be just as magical when you involve your partner. 

conscious relationshipMaybe you were deliberate about manifesting your specific person, or want to discuss manifestation with your partner but don’t know where to begin, you could even be single right now imagining all the components of your ideal relationship. Wherever you are, we intend that this post will illuminate how special it is to become aligned with your partner and live to your utmost potential together in a conscious relationship. 

What is a Conscious Relationship?

We describe a conscious relationship as one that is created with clear intention from both individuals. It requires aligning the feelings you want your relationship to encompass, identifying what your ideal “life” story contains together, and deciding to embody that as a collective unit.  A conscious relationship is purposefully and willingly designed to support both parties’ desires without limits. It cultivates a space for both individuals to expand and evolve to their highest points lovingly and excitedly. 

In deliberately manifesting as an individual, you are intentional with how you carry yourself in your inner world. You have a clear vision, clear feelings associated with said vision and clear thoughts that align with your desire being fulfilled. When we enter into a conscious co-creating relationship, that same process applies but it now requires an alignment of both individuals on those points – and this is where the fun begins!

Together with intentionality – you are creating a new blueprint for your relationship, living in ultimate fulfillment, and deepening your connection.

Why Do We Need Conscious Relationships?

If you think back to the first moment you were awoken to your ability to create and direct your reality – there was probably a wave of emotions that filled you. One of those could have been a sense of wonder, like in any typical fantasy movie where the character finds out they have magical powers. 

For many in the manifesting community, this is a journey that individuals may feel they embark on alone. You might feel your friends and family aren’t quite open yet, your specific person is here now but that’s where the manifestation topics end, or you only share with your virtual friends on various platforms. 

But imagine getting to open up that wonder in your relationship as well – maybe you already have! We are always expanding to new heights in the manifestation journey and it can be beautiful to share in this fun together especially with your partner. Whether you and your partner are in the early stages of learning about deliberate manifestation, are deepening your knowledge, or simply want to get clear on your newest desires and visions – being aware of your power together can be a catalyst for massive momentum.

conscious relationship

The Qualities of a Conscious Relationship

So what are the ingredients that make a delicious conscious relationship perfect for manifesting? Here at nth degree, we advocate for making things simple and easy. There is a lot of information out there that promotes difficulty, excessive effort, hard work, and so on – but that is simply another story and another set of beliefs. 

We intend that you are aware of your ability to choose any story and beliefs that support you, especially when it comes to your relationship. As we continue through this post, be mindful of the thoughts and feelings entering your being. 

What do you want your truth to be when it comes to cultivating a conscious relationship? Would it be supportive for you both to view a conscious relationship as easy, light-hearted, and fun? We will present some general qualities we believe are important in a conscious relationship.

Values Growth + A Collective Vision

The basis of a conscious relationship in regards to deliberately directing your reality is the shared goal of expansion. You are both aware of not only your power to create but are joyfully and limitlessly living in your ideal. You share your needs, wants, and desires with each other – knowing they will always be fulfilled. You both approach life with a sense of wonder and certainty that you will experience all you set your mind to.

conscious relationshipYou can openly share your ideas and grandest visions – creating “goals” that are seemingly larger than ever before because it is more than possible to achieve them. There is an energy of being able to have, be, and do anything together that inspires and awakes you both to embody your power and live abundantly in your true nature. 

Owns their responsibility for their own realities

When you become aware of the role you play in directing your reality, you step into a place of responsibility. You are now an active, awake participant in your reality and know your ability to choose the story you want to dwell in. This means you are also aware of your partner being a reflection of your inner world. This relates to not only the story you have dwelled in with and about your partner but the story you both want to co-create moving forward.

When you accept the stories, thoughts, beliefs you have consciously and unconsciously expressed into the world – you can then be intentional in creating what you do want. You will both be more cognizant of your role in the stories you are nurturing moving forward. Check out our post here on how to be the writer of your own story. 

Observes + Supports

Just as you deepen your awareness and attune your mind when manifesting as an individual, the same is true in manifesting within a conscious partnership. When both parties are directing and nurturing their shared stories and desires, then you are both living in the trueness of this reality being done for you right now. This then shows up in not only your internal dialogue with yourself but your external dialogue with each other. You will be reflecting your ideals between you both as if two mirrors are pointed at one another. You have a unique opportunity to receive support and instant feedback on where you are dwelling internally all while strengthening your awareness.

Cultivates love as the ultimate feeling

conscious relationship

When we remember that we are divinity expressed in human form than the seeming idea of separateness fades from our mind. We begin to recognize this divinity in others just as it is in ourselves thus interacting more from a sense of oneness. When we respond to the world by being aware of everyone’s true, pure essence then it is inevitable that everything will be approached with more love.

The way you may have previously interpreted words, looks, reactions, etc. from your partner will be replaced with compassion, empathy, and connection. When you embrace seeing and experiencing all through the lens of love and divinity, then you respond to the world from a vantage point of truth – and your relationships reap many deeper rewards.

Conscious Relationship Examples

A conscious relationship is one that;

✓ inspires growth

✓ supports desires and expansion
✓ shares in individual and collective visions
✓ promotes self-awareness

✓ is intentional with their inner stories

✓ nurtures their collective vision

✓ interacts and experiences the world through their true essence

How To Create a Conscious Relationship

The blueprint for creating a conscious relationship will be different for every couple – that’s really the point, isn’t it? Our path won’t look like your path, and your path won’t look like the next person. Take what we wrote here and expand on it with your partner. Begin to incorporate this topic in your walks or over dinner – you could even fill out our Conscious Relationship Journal Prompts PDF together below! 

All of the components of a conscious relationship will be unique to you and your partner. The feelings of your relationship will be unique, your ideal vision + story together will be unique, and the ways you integrate this into your everyday choices will be unique. And that’s the beauty of consciously co-creating your reality together!

Conscious Relationships Begin With You

As you embark on the journey of building your conscious relationship, it’s important to always remember that everything begins within. If you seek to make this an ongoing practice in your relationship, the first commitment you must make is to yourself. Developing a deep relationship with yourself should always be the ultimate priority. When you make self-love, confidence, and connection to your being a priority –  all else will naturally follow.

In each moment, we are all invited to choose how we want to show up and how we want to respond – thus leaving an imprint on what we will experience in the next moment and so on. Do your choices and actions reflect a deep connection to self? Does your inner speech embody the nature of who you truly are?


Conscious Relationship Journal Prompts PDF

Download our PDF to get the conversation sparked and thoughts flowing on what you want to create in your relationship together moving forward!


It is our intention that our words here introduced you to the role an aligned conscious relationship can play in living your dream life as deliberate manifestors. Of course at the end of the day,  everything ultimately comes back to the individual. But when you open this dialogue up in your relationship, have two powerful minds pointed in the same direction, and embody this collective vision together – you see how you can live and play in life together like never before – dwelling in pure love, fulfillment, and connection.


Still want a clearer path to alignment? This post is a little snippet of what we discuss in our conscious relationship course. This course is designed for you and your partner to see the inevitable results of your vision come to fruition and to create a more outlined approach to getting you there, check it out here!

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