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Have you always wanted a pet or have you always dreamed of having a furry companion? Manifesting a pet can be a powerful way to bring the perfect furry friend into your life. It’s 100% possible – we’re living proof. We manifested both of our amazing dogs and they are everything we asked for.

If you’re looking for a loyal dog, a cuddly cat, or any other type of pet, the same process you use to manifest can help you attract your new best friend.

In this blog post, we’ll explore several proven methods we used to manifest our dream pets. We’ll cover the power of positive affirmations, visualization techniques, the law of attraction, and taking action.

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10 Powerful Pet – Positive Affirmations

TLDR; for those who are just looking for the affirmations use these to help when manifesting a new pet. Practice incorporating positive affirmations during this time that affirm that your pet is here now, and practice writing them down daily in your manifestation journal.

You will be surprised with the results so give these 10 a try now:

  1. I am surrounded by loving and healthy pets.
  2. I am open and ready to receive the perfect companion into my life.
  3. I am grateful for the unconditional love and companionship a pet brings.
  4. I am worthy of the perfect pet that aligns with my lifestyle.
  5. I am surrounded by abundance and opportunities to find my dream pet.
  6. I am confident in my ability to provide a loving and happy home for a pet.
  7. I am excited for the journey of finding and bonding with my new companion.
  8. I am filled with joy and happiness as I welcome my new pet into my life.
  9. I am grateful for the positive impact a pet will have on my life.
  10. I am in perfect harmony and alignment with the universe as I manifest my dream pet.

Manifesting A Pet Requires: Positivity

Pets have a way of brightening our moods, even on the toughest days. If there’s one key characteristic that all pets possess, it’s positivity. This is likely why they’re often treated better than humans.

It’s clear that people are drawn to pets because of their positive outlook, and as a result, they’re often showered with love and attention.

But there’s a valuable lesson for us humans to take from this. By adopting a more positive attitude, we can attract more positivity and love into our own lives, just like pets do.

How Positivity Can Attract the Perfect Companion

You might be wondering how you can tap into the power of positivity when seeking a new pet. The answer is through the use of positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are empowering words that attract similar thoughts and feelings.

You can write down affirmations or speak them into existence, such as “I am open to receiving the ideal companion” or “I am attracting the perfect pet for me now.”

By incorporating the use of positive affirmations into your daily routine, you’re shifting your mindset to one of abundance and receptiveness. Pets are mirrors of our emotions and feelings.

Our Manifesting A Pet Story

Three years ago, before we got our first dog, life felt positive and easygoing for me. I felt good about who I was, I had everything I needed to be happy, and I was just living life with a positive frame of mind.

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a dog, but my mother always said “no.” However, I never let that stop me. I held this strong desire in my consciousness and intuitively knew that if I released it to the universe, it would happen one day.

As soon as I got my own place, it happened sooner than I expected. My fiancé and I threw around the idea of getting a dog since we now had our own place, but we didn’t take it too seriously.

One day, while we were both on our phones, we stumbled upon a pet adoption page for rescue dogs on Facebook. There was one dog that stood out for some reason, even though she looked a little scraggly.

Know What Traits Characteristics You Desire

We didn’t have a clear idea of what kind of dog we wanted, but we knew the traits we wanted the dog to have. Short story: we drove to the location to take a “quick peek” at the dog since it was the last weekend the rescue dogs were being hosted. After a 40-minute drive, we walked in and noticed everyone looking at all the other dogs – except for the one we saw online.

There she was, on the bottom display shelf, lying down by herself, behind glass, looking sad, lonely, and in need of some TLC. For some reason, no one seemed that interested in her.

This is Atlas’s (female) coming home with us

So, we asked to see her so that we could give her the love she deserved… and an hour later, she was inside our car, coming home with us.

Her personality, behavior, intelligence, love, and all the traits we both desired in a dog were manifested into this perfect four-legged friend of ours.

Now, three years later, our first dog (Atlas) has revealed everything we intended for in our first dog.


Manifesting A Pet With Visualization Works

If you’re familiar with manifesting, you’ve probably heard of or know about visualization. But did you know that visualizing the specific traits and characteristics you desire in a pet will help you attract the pet you adopt one day?

Traits and characteristics such as playfulness, loyalty, good health, and so on.

By focusing and visualizing what you desire and radiating positivity and love, you’re generating and emitting a powerful signal to the universe (and the animal kingdom, if you want to take it that far) that you’re ready to receive the perfect companion.

If you take the time to read this information and apply these small steps, while remaining open and positive, you’ll increase your chances of manifesting a dream pet with all the qualities you desire.

How to Use Visualization

A powerful technique that’s often overlooked is the power we all have to create a mental image of ourselves with our dream pet.

Imagine yourself being happy or excited to come home to your pet, spending time with them in your room, playing with them, etc.

If you haven’t tried this yet, make an effort to focus on these mental scenes for a few minutes before you go to bed at night (for best results).

Imagine the details of your pet, from their appearance to their personality. After all, your pet will become your best friend, so imagine wisely. The more vivid you can imagine this, the stronger the energy of manifesting your pet will become

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Create A Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a wonderful way to solidify your manifestations and bring them to reality. You can do this in two different ways: create a physical vision board or a digital one.

We created an entire blog post dedicated to using Pinterest to create a digital vision board, if you want to learn more about it.

If you’re making a physical vision board, you can start gathering images and other elements that evoke the feelings of your dream pet and place it where you’ll see it every day.

This will serve as a constant reminder and will help keep your energy focused on manifesting a pet.

Manifesting A Pet With The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on.

Therefore, if you want to manifest your dream pet, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of pet ownership rather than the negative.

For example, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of pet ownership, like the cost of food, training, vet bills, and cleaning up after them, you could choose to focus on the positive aspects such as companionship, love, and joy that the pet adds to your life, and so on.

5 Proven Ways to Try When Manifesting A Pet

This only helps further amplify the message and signal you’re sending out to the universe about the pet that’s best for you. You can also take actions that align with your goal of having a pet, such as:

  1. Preparing a space for the pet in your home
  2. Thinking of the name and nicknames
  3. Joining forums or groups online for that specific type of pet
  4. Looking for adoption events
  5. Researching the breed that aligns with your lifestyle

Write A Gratitude List

Gratitude is an attitude we should all strive to maintain. Writing a gratitude list is an instant hack to keep yourself focused and aligned on the positive aspects of having a pet.

Create a list in your manifestation journal or wherever you prefer of all the things you’re grateful for about having a pet, such as their unconditional love for you, companionship, loyalty, and so on.

Make The Frist Move – Take Action

Manifesting a pet is not just about maintaining a positive attitude and visualizing; it also involves taking action. You don’t have to try too hard, just let it flow naturally. Start by taking some of the information we have shared and giving it a try.

I recall that after having my first dog, Atlas, for two years, I was eager to get another. However, it wasn’t until we started to casually consider the idea and went through the same process we did the first time that things started to happen.

For about 4-5 months, nothing came of our efforts. But one day, we started to think more about the desired traits for our next dog. We chose a name that we both loved and then listed specific traits such as a smart, fast-learning boy with great health, athleticism, and brown spots.

After getting clear on what we wanted, we let go of the intention and started taking action. We looked at adoption centers, talked about the desired name more, and so on. A few more weeks went by, but we still didn’t see a dog that stood out.

Then one day, while browsing online, a profile picture of a dog caught our attention. Although we couldn’t be sure if it was the right one, as the breed was undefined and it was a rescue, we didn’t let that stop us. We got up and went to the adoption center right away – that’s the action part.

Results From Taking Action

We arrived at the adoption center with high hopes, only to find out that the dog we had seen online was currently being seen by someone else, and there was a high chance he would be taken. The news was unexpected, but we were instructed that we could wait, but it might be more than an hour.

So, we decided to wait because we had an inner knowing that this could be our next dog. Half an hour went by, and still, nothing. We looked at each other with slightly shattered faces and slowly got up to leave the adoption center. As we walked out of the doors, we maintained a positive state of mind, and just as I put my arm around Trinity’s shoulder to tell her, “It’s going to be okay, if it was meant to be..” a worker from the adoption clinic shouted from behind us, “Hey, you guys, are you still interested to see the dog? He’s still here?!”

This is Sedona (male) coming home with us 🙂

Without hesitation, we turned back around and thanked the woman who had come back to track us down. She led us down the hallway to be seated in the playroom to wait for the dog to be brought to us.

A few minutes went by, and the door opened. Upon our first impression, the dog had the exact brown spots we had desired and was the perfect breed. The clinic also mentioned that he had been returned by a family who had him for one night, the day before we came – which made the decision even easier.

So, here we were again, an hour later, walking out of the adoption clinic with a new boy dog named Sedona. This story goes to show that taking action is a must.

Manifesting your dream pet is a process, and it may take some time. Trust in the universe and have faith in yourself that your dream pet is on its way to you.

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Collage of the perfect pups that we manifested

In Summary

We hope that after reading this blog post, you have full faith in your ability to manifest your dream pet, just as we did for ourselves. It requires a combination of positive affirmations, visualization, the law of attraction, and taking action.

By focusing on the positive aspects of pet ownership and taking the steps towards adoption, you will increase the likelihood of manifesting your dream pet into reality.

Have patience, and emit positivity – of course, trust in the process. If you liked this post and it has helped you then explore more of our website and learn more about who we are and what we offer!

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