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Hi There! We are Trinity & Anthony.

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We are the founders of nth degree collective. We have been living to our nth° as individuals and as a couple passionately for what seems like lifetimes. We are curious souls, adventure lovers, and knowledge illuminators. We have co-created (and continue to create) massive momentum in our multiple businesses, personal lives, and community.  You can usually find us exploring both the beautiful nature within and all around us. We love keeping our heads in the clouds, being near the ocean, and having inspiring conversations over a good coffee.

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Who is nth° co. for?

nth degree collective is focused on open-minded individuals who want to feel more, live more, and create more . We’re all about  awakening your limitless potential in a simplified, enjoyable way. Does this resonate with you? Because it should! You’re right where you need to be and your search is over. It’s time to remember your truth and claim your divine heritage.

Why “nth°”?

For the dreamers. For the seekers. For those who imagine a life of endless possibilities – we are right there with you. We live our life by the exact definition of ‘nth’ – “to the utmost degree; without limit.” We know that we are all powerful creators, and that it is more than possible to experience your nth° right now. This space was built to align souls to their highest ideal so that you can live in abundance and fulfillment.

What do we create here?

I’m glad you asked. At nth°, we encourage and facilitate the expansion of your most imagined self as an individual and couple. Because, YOU are the director, sculptor, conductor, and overall driver of your life – it begins and ends with you. We are simply here to be witness to your grand masterpiece. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Live to Your Nth°

You’ve landed in the right place! We are here to help guide you into conscious alignment and living in your true nature – through an easy, simplified approach.

Its time you allowed yourself to receive the things you want & inherently deserve. Its time that you remember what you have known all along & harness your power to live the life of your dreams. You can have it all and there is so much more potential waiting for you when you open the door to life’s magical flow of abundance.

Take the first step and the rest will follow.